How do u keep a crush on someone on average?

When u really get a crush on someone how long does it last on average? Not the short few day crushes but on real people that u acually really like.

And a a few other questions NOT FOR THE POLL!

what was the longest time u had a crush on someone?
Whats thw shortest time you had a crush on someone?
Did u ever get to date your crush?
How old were u when u had ur longest and shortest crush?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • What was the longest time you had a crush on someone?
    The longest crush I've ever had on someone was about 4 years.

    What's the shortest time you've had a crush on someone?
    The shortest time I've had a crush on someone for was like 2 months.

    Did you ever get to date your crush?
    Nope. Right now my crush is someone who likes me back, but our relationship is... complicated. We had a crush on each other for 9 months now.

    How old were you when you had your longest and shortest crush?
    I was 13 when I developed my longest crush on someone. I was 16 when I developed my shortest crush on someone.


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  • My longest crush started in first grade and ended at the end of 7th because he moved but honestly if I saw him I'm sure the flame would be rekendled.

    I never got to date him. I believe he knew I liked him. Just about every girl innmt grade had a crush on him and one of my friends won his heart.

  • On average it takes me a few months to a year to crush on someone.
    The longest time I had a crush on someone it was a year when I was 16/17 years old.
    The shortest time I had a crush on someone was 2 months maybe, I don't remember exactly, when I was 11 years old.
    Final answer, I never got to date a crush.

  • The longest was a year or two.
    The shortest was a week
    I was 13 and if this counts as dating then yeah...(he asked me out, I said yes.. we ate lunch with our friends in cafe.. while friends keep teasing us... then he hugged me? the end.)

  • My crushes last around 9 - 10 months to a year.

    • Wow... I get over mine in a few months

    • Yeah, it's not really that easy for me. Some of my crushes that are famous lasts around a year or years. My crushes I see around me, like at school, lasts 9 to 10 months. I had a crush on one guy this whole school year but, he turned into an asshole. A very attractive asshole.

  • 4 years
    2 days
    I have dated one yes (none of the above)
    Longest 8-12
    Shortest 15