Where to start looking for "relationship" guys?

Hey everyone, I'm hoping you guys can give me some advice.

I've spent the last couple years so focused on school and work that I've lost my entire social life. I'm at a spot now in my life that I would like to start dating again. Id prefer not to date someone I work with, unless it happens then it happens. But Overall I won't be looking at work. I'm not really a club person so that won't work. The few friends I have are either in a relationship or married so it's hard to go out for a girls night to get myself out there.
where can I look for relationship ready guys?

Also I'll mention that I am trying online dating sites but those are not really working for me. They are mostly one night stand people and that's not my thing.


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  • Find your hang out places you like and have fun in and make them your hunting grounds really because a girl that looks comfortable and happy is attractive to any guy and you can make him think it was his idea to hit on you when he actually fell for your trap


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  • first of all they must b single, and don't flirt wid other gals meanwhile...

  • Start on GAG! We're all ready to go!

  • CafĂ© or coffee shops are good places.


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