Am I too invokved?

I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years now. He is 28 and I'm 24 he has one 22 year old sister and a 26 year old brother. His sister complained to him about me saying how its annoying that I always butt into their family. An example she gave was that I always come to things involvednwirh the immediate family. I'm like hello I have been with him for 5 years and we are both adults of course we are going to being each other to family things that's expected when you have been with your adult partner for 5 years. You generally incorporate each other into your lives we are looking to spend the rest of our lives together. She says on FB they will mention an inside joke and I will make a joke too. Like what get over yourself. My boyfriend told me about the joke its not a crime on a public place to comment sue me for liking your family and wanting to be a part of it after 5 years. Is she being immature and whiny and should see sick it up or what? My boyfriend said he told her to suck it up I am part of the family after 5 years and she needs to stop being immature.


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  • Invokved? Is that Klingon? :P

    But I think your bf's sister is annoyed with your for whatever reason. Is she close with her bro? Maybe she doesn't like you "stealing" him away from her.

    • What that almost sounds creepy it is too different types of relationship s? Yeah they are close not like. omg super close but close. I meant to say involved

    • I don't mean it in a creepy way. More like whenever your boyfriend is with you, he can't hand out with his sis. But I'm just speculating, maybe she dislikes you for another reason. Are you on bad terms with her? Is talking about it some time possible? Your behavior really doesn't strike me as weird.

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  • The sister is probably really attached to her brother. The way you wrote this sounds like you're annoyed by the comments she said (which is understandable) but you have to consider that she is your bfs sibling so try to not give them trouble. You should try hanging out with her or something cause maybe she feels threatened and has seperation anxiety or something or is jealous that someone is taking her older brother from her.

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