Is it wrong I'm worried about this?

So me and this girl might start dating soon, there's one thing that worries me, she says she's straight but admits she got really drunk and ate out her friend. You know, I honestly dont care she did that, I've dated bi girls in the past whatever, but my fear is if someone who is straight is willing to do thinks while super drunk, and she gets drunk and parties a lot, is there a chance she will cheat on me while drunk? Cause it can already lower her inhibitions she'll do something that she doesn't have any interest in while sober

If it changes anything she says it doesn't count since she's straight and it was with a girl, so by that logic would she cheat and say it doesn't count cause its with a girl?
Please help, I know its stupid of me to ask this but I am clueless so please people


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  • Hmmmm well it dosent sound promising, but maybe she'll prove you wrong my advice is trust her until she gives you a reason not to...

  • You said something that should reassure yourself a bit. She does things she doesn't have interest in. If she cheats and honestly she very well could. I'd just hope she would be honest and apologetic and prove to you it meant nothing. Talk to her about this because drinking that much isn't healthy

    • If someone cheats on me she's out the door, I've already been with cheaters who say it meant nothing and they love me blah blah blah, they get forgiven and I get hurt, the mistake won't he made again

    • Then I would say no. Don't worry. If it happens it happens and be done. If that is how you feel then just keep that thoguht. ( I also hate cheaters. Product of divorced parents with multiple affairs )

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