Should I go after this girl once finals are over?

So there's this girl in my course at uni who i have a bit of a thing for and i was messaging her a bit and do my best to talk to her when we're in the same classes. I basically asked her out once to go for drinks with my friends and I and she said she already had plans and that i should ask her another time. I said i will and she said okay, ask me after finals. anyway since then i've messaged her a few times. tried to study with her for finals but my friend showed up before she did and she ended up going off and studying on her own for some reason. she never makes eye contact when she's talking to me in real life and talks really softly and quietly also for some reason i do not know.

anyway i'm not sure if i should try and hang out with her once finals are finished next week. i haven't talked to her since last week or messaged her in a few weeks. she's never messaged me first or tried to talk to me first in person which makes me think she's not interested which basically makes me a little less interested knowing i don't really have a chance if i were to make the effort. i don't really know what to do


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  • Sure, why not?


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