Girls, What does this pattern of texting mean?

For three weeks in a row, she has stopped texting me on Tuesday night and we won't talk again until I see her on Sunday in person. So we talk and see each other Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. After that, we no long talk everday.

Before she stopped texting me this week, she told me I should get a snap chat/ instagram and she asked me when I played soccer and that she wanted to come play soccer with me on Friday nights when I play with other people..
Also, at a hangout last Sunday, she only sat by me and we talked one on one until she left. We hugged goodbye and she left.

What is the deal here? I don't understand what is happening?


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  • She likes spending time with you.


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  • I dont know? Why don't u. ask her?

  • Yeah, ask her. I find it interesting that a guy is analyzing a girl's text habits. It is often the other way around! She might think it's you who is using this texting pattern.

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