Women of gag, how do you feel about the "accept or reject" stranglehold you have in dating?

For instance, its extremely extremely rare for a woman to have to approach a guy, pay for a date, be good at sex, be charming, exciting every moment, charismatic, successful, smart. Also are guys stupid for not having as many requirements as women?


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  • ... How long has it been since you've had sex? I'm just asking because your description comes off as nonsense to me and I'm wondering if you've been out of the dating game for awhile.

    It's NOT extremely rare. There are many women who approach men and pay for the date as well as have those qualities (in the West). I'm not saying they're the majority, but there is more than what's being given credit for.

    Also, there are some guys who have a list of requirements for a woman to date him. I've asked a question on here about dealbreakers and many men had stringent lists. For a quick lay, they may not have any wants. But for dating? Many men have restrictions.

    Why shouldn't they? They want to ensure that they get what they want as do women.

    • I said its extremely rare for a woman TO HAVE TO approach a guy. I never said that women don't approach guys.

    • Yes men have requirements, but they still aren't as much as women's.

    • My mistake. Yes, I would think most women would rather simply find another guy instead of walking up if it came to that point or the man would do something to initiate.

      And you clearly haven't seen the requirements that some men place. Many women's requirements are nearly identical with a few subjective qualities: attractive good man with a great personality. The "attractive" part is where most of us differ but I think this is what most women want (as well as a stable job, passion/ambition or at least goals).

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  • come on, don't be that guy. nothing in this world is one sided or as generalized as you may feel it to be. currently i'm in a situation where i want to be with the guy i'm talking to and he's "not sure where he's at". I'm a smart ambitious attractive unique petite woman who works out 6 days a week and still he's unsure. I have NO upper hand or "stranglehold" what so ever.

    people either like you or they don't or they have their own personal shit and can't handle a relationship, its not about games or power plays…. it's life dude.

    and standards (or the lack there of) goes both ways

    • I didn't generalize. I indicated in my post that its rare for a woman to HAVE TO approach a guy. I also didn't say women aren't smart , charismatic , couldn't be successful, or exciting... I'm merely saying that they don't have be that much like guys do when it comes to dating and relationships.

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    • Never said that women don't approach men, I'm saying its extremely rare for a woman to HAVE to approach guys

    • not by much, especially in recent years as society progressed. the HAVE goes both ways, coming from a woman's perspective I see it a lot more often then you'd think, and a lot of guys are too scared/shy to make the first move

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  • I guess when you put it that way I feel sorry for women. I would hate to be the one who has to decide; that's a lot of weight.

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