Tips/Advice on Casual Dating for a Serial Monogamist?

I'm the type to jump too quickly into relationships, to get too attached, to get my emotions hurt. I got out of a 3 year relationship a few months back and have been talking to several women on online dating sites. First one we had two great dates but she said she didn't want anything serious. So that fizzled out.

I started talking to this other woman and we've hit it off real well. Have a date for next week and been texting nonstop for five days. We have ton in common, the conversation flows better than with any other woman, and we've really gotten to know each other well.

She doesn't want a serious commitment or relationship at the time bc she has an autistic child, she's a single mom, and busy with work. How do I go about not getting too attached while also getting to know her and converse the way we do? Like she's said how much she likes me but that she doesn't have the time or energy for a relationship.
Should I date other women and see how it goes with this one woman, always keeping my options open? Does anyone believe that if it feels right for her that she'll come around and reconsider her stance down the line? Tips on keeping it fun and simple and not having the trappings of a traditional monogamous relationship creep into it?

Just confusing because some of those characteristics of a traditional relationship have crept in, like cutsie nicknames and flirtatious talk and the like. And the sharing of deep, personal stories and feelings. All I really want is to continue to get to know her, and at the time being, that has to be by the rules she laid out. I'm trying to respect that, but how do I do that if my emotions keep getting a hold of me and causing me to get too attached?

I told her I understand she has priorities in her life that come before me and that I respect that.


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  • Keep your options open and do not expect her to change for you. I'd recommend you to date other girls as well.


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  • I have tips on dating serial killers. Tip #1 dont fall asleep.#2 dont drink or eat anything he made.