Girls, now im know for reading a lot into stuff?

Why would a girl you work with display interest such as staring a lot and always get involved in conversations that are about me but reject me or not give a answer when i ask

Thanks for opinions


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  • Maybe she thinks you're cute but doesn't have a crush on you. Try to get to know her better. Sometimes people will think you're good looking but not like you that way.

    • I do talk to her a lot like i said it gets my attention when im around her just talking to someone else she just stares for the longest

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    • I think she's going to need some time for sure.

    • Like how much time cause i also mentioned in the message that i wanted it to be when we wasn't working together anymore cause our company doesn't allow internal relationships

  • Maybe she's holding a grudge if you have history and disgusted by you I don't know.