How do I handle this situation?

I was at a party a few days with my boyfriend and it seemed like he was flirting with this one girl. I went to the bathroom and as I was walking back he was standing by her and laughing with her while pushing her or however you would say it (like how you do it when you joke around) also he had that flirty look on his face. so as we were leaving I was walking to my car with some friends and I look back to see where he is and he was walking just with her and later I find out they exchanged numbers. Now I could care less he's talking to a girl, it's the point that he's flirting with her and doing all that other stuff. by the way he just met her at the party so it's not like he has known her for years

  • Let it be, it's nothing
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  • Bring it up, talk to him about it
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  • There's two sides to every story

    Are you sure you just weren't looking at it with girlfriend eyes, and saw friendliness as being flirty?

    Because it's pretty damn easy to just be friendly and get a chicks number


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What Guys Said 2

  • I don't want to worry you but if that's what he's doing when you're around, what the heck is he doing when you're not?

  • Try to talk.. But not directly otherwise he can feel...
    Or you could see change in his behavior and feel the things around you..


What Girls Said 1

  • Talk to him about it and see what he says. If he says its nothing it's probably nothing. If he acts all defensive and upset then you have your answer.