I'm taking a year-long dating sabbatical, anyone have any advice?

I've decided to give up men for a year. This means no relationships, no dating, and no sex for a year. I just want to get out of the "gotta find Mr. Right right now!" mentality.

The amount of emotional energy I spend trying to attract men (to no avail) is way more than it should be so I think a break is what I need. Channeling my emotional energy on my art and creating a body of work to show in some local galleries, can keep me distracted enough (I hope!).

Has anyone done this before (men are welcome to answer as well!)? If so, do you have any advice? Were there benefits or was it a waste of time for you?

Any and all input is appreciated!


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  • Yeah I did the same-I wanted to sort my head out about things before stepping back into dating game. I would go out with your single girlfriends a lot on nights out and get a hobby! Use your art for this. It is boring but it is the perfect time to work on your own personal development. Keep busy all the time so you don't have time to think about sex as much-if you're bored, then you will want it for sure! It made me much more independent and confident. I realised what id been doing wrong before and my standards would be a lot higher now in terms of looks/how guy treats me than before. It was only when I was focusing solely on myself that I realised "oh wait I do have a lot going for myself", not in an arrogant way but just a realisation so to speak which was nice! I found reading a lot of self-help books too! Corny as they may be! I was actually inspired to do it when I heard of this journalist who did it and wrote a book on it cos her relationships had all failed before. I read this and thought "Oh that's not a bad idea!"

    • Wow thanks for your views on this! What is the title of the book?

    • Its called "no more sex in the city" by hepzibah anderson. here's an article on the book (if you don't wana read the whole thing lol!): https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1195344/My-year-sex-Hephzibah-Anderson-took-dramatic--liberating--decision-So-did-help-real-love.html

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