What is up with this guy (Part 2)?

Since then, I have been feeling hurt, worthless, unwanted and don’t know what or who to believe anymore. I felt like me and this guy bonded on personal issues such as heartbreak, feeling unwanted, and more. Why this hit me so hard was because I felt this way in a previous relationship and I never want to go back there again. Plus this was going to be my first interracial relationship (I’m 21 years old and black, and he is 19, white/Puerto Rican). I thought we had similar life goals as far as school, careers and such and he even told me and my best friend that he would treat me like a princess and not objectify me like his friend did when we were talking.
I may not have been perfect in this situation, but it was crazy how he shunned me like that. It was like he had split personality. People are now telling me watch out, he is self-centered and only wants to get laid.
But then again, some people could benefit from us at odds with one another.

1) this girl does not like him because they got into it over a facebook status and he was no longer interested in her best friend. She also believes that he could be bisexual or gay. She also claims that she knows everything about everyone. She is a lesbian, by the way.

2) This guy is gay and he liked him, but claims he does not like him because of his ways. Coincidentally, him and the girl above are friends.

Before this guy came along, I was talking to his best friend. I heard that the guy liked me so much and would get jealous and told my friends that he wanted to be with me and thought that I had gorgeous looks and a personality to match. He even confessed that to me in front of his best friend. Ironically this guy came across as the most romantic, sincere, and sweetest ever. What made him flip especially since I did nothing to him.

This whole thing left me confused, betrayed hurt, angry and depressed. (Continue to Part 3)


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  • From what I read, he sounds like a player who used you sexually and wants nothing more serious. He's not going to date a woman who gave up her body for him fairly quickly too. He's just a player who doesn't care about women, wants to sleep around and just live life for the here and now. You need to move on and not invest any more time or emotion into this guy.

    I didn't read the whole thing - no-one's going to read three questions worth of writing. Next time, I suggest you don't post more than one question on the same topic and keep your description concise. There might even be a website somewhere which lets you write what you want, then share it so people could read it there, from one question.