Why do guys text after months of not talking?

This could be after months, maybe even a year... however long from experience.
Doesn't even have to be an ex, just someone you talked to for a while works.
Whenever this happens to me I'm always wonder if the guy thought about me a lot or not, and what took him so long to talk again.
I know it depends on personal situations, but just asking about others experiences.


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  • Reason 1, to get laid.

    Reason 2, to impart important information

    • MHO, and so concise!

    • Elaborate on the important information...

    • There are nearly a billion different things that could be deemed "important". It would be easier for you to give the message really.

      I texted a girl yesterday as there is a wedding coming up and I wanted to arrange travel and accommodation.

      Another reason could be to inform you that he tested positive and you should get checked out.

      He might want his property back that he left round your place.

      He might be telling you of a change in plans.

      Countless reasons really.

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  • because guys are dumb..

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