Should I hook up?

Getting over a girl that I really liked blah blah blah didn't workout thought I was gonna hide from the dating scene for awhile then my friends invites me to stay the night and go to his formal so I go he is in 8th grade I'm sophomore he wanted me to come cause there was this kid messing with him so I go get dressed kinda awkward I don't know anyone there then I get kicked out cause they said I'm starting stuff with some guy that fucked with me first but then I leave and my friend texts saying a girl here says I'm hot usually he would say that to fuck with me then a girl texts me saying she was so mad I got kicked out even tho I have never met her or seen her then she sends me pic of herself saying u wanted to see what I look like so I say she's cute then she says same back I text her the next day we talk for like 30 mins she text back like super fast to she seemed really happy to see I texted her I don't wanna do anything wrong with her caused i really messed up with the past girl so should I ask her on a date?


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  • I think you should, but it's your choice. 😊


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