Why is ''dating'' so stupid?

I can't wrap my head around this. Even people who are in their late 20's talk about playing ''games'', how to impress men/women, what to do on dates, how to talk to girls/guys and stuff. I'm 14 and I'm watching this all like O. o

I feel that things shouldn't be that complicated. Why the hell would you ''play hard to get''? What you do and don't on dates should be common sense, are you guys all dumb? I'm not acting like I know something here, I don't, but it just looks so dumb. ''Rules'' and all.

I also hate it when other 14yo's play ''dating''. My best friend of 8 years, same age as me, started dating an ugly ass 17yo from a nearby town online. Their ''relationship'' lasted like 4 days before she saw he wrote ''othergirlsname <3'' on Instagram. She literally cried and I had to drop to that level and comfort her. She was depressed all day. Dear God.

<3 is a heart, it didn't show up


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  • I know what you mean. The ideas of "dating" and "relationships" have almost become stupid to me because of the stupid people that are typically in them and how they behave.

    Then you have all of these stupid people reproducing at alarming rates and you just have to wonder how-in-the-world someone out there let them get that far with them!

    And thus, the presence of dumb people in world continues. Not saying everyone that is in a relationship is dumb, but that it's common to find dumb people in relationships.

    • also the meaning of love as well as the privilege to date has changed

    • Thanks for the MHO.

      Also, what do you mean @Wolfbringer22?

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  • Wait till you have been trying to wrap you head around it for a couple of decades with literally nothing but rejection.

    Fyi playong hard to get is most often taken by men as a rejection which is why it doesn't work.

    • What?

    • I agree with you. As for playing hard to get it doesn't work as most of the time it is seen as rejection and the guy moves on.

  • For one, choice addiction.

    Once upon a time, from what I've heard in songs and tales, most people had to pick dates from their social circle, or church, school, maybe someone they met at the mall.

    Tinder, okcupid? You're given the delusion that you have literally limitless choice.

    And playing "games" ups your chances of getting that girl, at least when you're a guy.

  • "an ugly ass 17 yo"? You're just starting your game playing days, sweetheart.

    • What? He was ugly. And I was just pointing out the fact he's older than her

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    • Hey!

    • lol just remember:

      Rule #1 Guys are assholes.

      Rule # 2 See Rule # 1.

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  • the correct question is: "why is the majority of the population so dumb?". I don't have an answer yet

  • Don't worry about what other people are doing. Date and do thing to your own standard.

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