Girls, How to get an older/more experienced girl?

I've never been with anyone and wouldn't want to be with someone that is also inexperienced.
How do I get a girl that's been with at least 3 guys but no more than 6?
I would want her to teach me everything from what it is like to date to the bedroom.
That way I can be more experienced for the next girl (who too will preferably have been with other guys before me).

What would I say when approaching an attractive girl? Does it have to be based on the situation?
Is there a way to find out if she is single before flirting without asking other people?

Please don't give me any bs of this being unfair to the girl if I'm just dating her to gain experience. That isn't the only reason I would date a girl. There needs to be a connection.


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  • Be more mature and act like her age


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  • Connection is such a beautiful thingšŸ˜€this is what it's all about

    • Please answer the above questions.

    • Honestly I would handle it in a more direct fashion. Not stating that you want someone who's experienced but asking her out. Be flirtatious and she'll definitely know what time it is

    • How would I do that can you provide sample conversation?
      How can I tell if she is experienced? How can I tell if she has a boyfriend?