Men why text a girl after a first date if you don't want to see her again? Girls thoughts?

I get being polite and all but it is confusing. Just say nice meeting you at the end of the date and move on.


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  • He is testing the field. He wants to see how you react.

    • When he asked if I wanted to do it again I said yes. He was timid on our date but I think he has potential to come out of his shell if we went on another date. He's the nerdy type that thinks he has nothing to say to women sometimes but we had a lot to talk about for 2 hours.

      He texted me nice meeting you and have a good weekend so I assume it's a blow off. Fine, great first date so whatever. But the text for me kind of rubbed it in because at first I thought he wanted to see me again. Texting pursued and now I feel stupid.

      Big holiday weekend here and I have another guy pursuing me now but I'm kinda pissed about being in limbo w the other guy. I'm kinda a one at a time girl...

    • play the field you are not tied down to anyone. but you act like you are obligated to the 1st guy.

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  • be cause in my opinion it´s degrading to just stop texting... at least tell them you´re not interested.

    • Wrong it's a first date just move on. It's confusing to continue to text and has to end at some point. Less is always more beneficial. I go into a first date basically expecting not to see most men again. Law of averages.

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    • Going on A DATE isn't dating for me. Going on three means we are dating for me. Making it past three means maybe moving on to something more. Coffee is coffee and a drink is a drink. But yeah after that meeting I know if I want to date them or not. Obviously I think I do this guy which has me so bothered.

      Most men I go on a date w want a second date unless our lifestyles are out of synch. The shy ones I guess get me the most but a get them less because they are so timid. Somehow I love the juxtaposition of a man twice my size being intimidated by me but also me him because of his size and him me because of my presence. It makes me feel small but powerful.

    • the emotional pain you can deal to guy has nothing to do with your physical body ;) but still... in my opinion it´s just nice to tell the other person that there´s not going to be a second date.

  • just putting you as a option, if plan A doesn't work out


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  • How are you so certain that he doesn't want to see you again?

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