Have you noticed it seems that many people think if an overweight guy doesn't want to date an overweight women cause of her weight than he is a jerk?

First of all, I AM NOT overweight. My best friend is though. My best friend is attracted to some overweight women but he isn't attracted to most of them. He is ok with being friends with any overweight woman though, he just doesn't want to date most of them. Also he doesn't think women are bitches or mean if they reject him for being overweight. He is not a hypocrite. Also, He never makes fun of overweight women. Yet him and I know that many people would still call him a hypocrite anyways and talk smack about him. So just because his overweight he is obligate to date overweight women just cause he is overweight? Wow

More responses please?


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  • Yes he is a hypocrite. he wants women to be slim and fit but he can't lose his excess weight? if he isn't attracted to overweight women then why doesn't it occur to him that he might wanna lose weight so he can be as attractive as guys who are in shape?

    • he said his friend doesn't get upset when he gets rejeced for being fat so no he's not a hypocrite

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    • I will bet that pr3ttybr0wn like most other women will not say the same thing for overweight women that only want to date men that are not overweight.

    • @pr3ttybr0wn is a hypocrite that talks about my best friend being a hypocrite. The irony. She thinks overweight women are not hypocrites for only wanting fit men but think overweight men are hypocrites for only wanting a fit woman.

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  • Honestly your attracted to who your attracted to. I see nothing wrong with that. The thing is I think that people think "she puts work into being skinny "for him" but he doesn't put work into staying fit for her" some chicks like there guys big. I see nothing wrong with it.

    • Yeah, people will talk smack on my best friend anyways. I agree you can't help what you are attracted to.

    • I am glad you are not sexist. I have noticed many women are ok if an overweight only wants to date a fit guy but not if an overweight guy only wants to date women that are fit.

  • I don't see anything wrong with it. He likes whom he likes. It could be anything that attracts him to them. Hair, eyes, skin shad, personality, etc . Even if I met him, and he wasn't attracted to me. No biggie. So what.

    • @krissgib the reason he doesn't want to overweight women is because he is not just attracted to how big they are. He doesn't like how big their stomach is. You know what I mean. Why did you mention hair, etc?

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    • @krissgibs yes, but you don't get the reason why he is not attracted to overweight women. You think he doesn't like them because of their hair, eyes, etc. That doesn't even make sense, the reason he is not attracted to them is because he doesn't like the big stomach. You know what I mean.

  • Hypocrite in the sense that he'll put down others for their physical appearance when he himself has the same flaws.

    I personally hate overweight women because my ex boyfriend left me for one. Said she had actual meat to hold on to

    • Put down? You mean like reject? Or do you mean put down like ''make fun of''? He has no problems being friends with any of them and he doesn't hate a woman just for being overweight. He never makes fun of overweight women. He just doesn't want to date most of them. I say most and not all because he is attracted to some (he thinks some are cute). The thing is, what you expect him to do? He can't control what he is attracted to.

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    • At least you call them hypocrites too. I am proud you are least not biased in this matter. Can you respond to a post I just did right now about why most women responded differently to this topic when the genders changed?

    • Wow you deleted that one question of mine. Wow

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  • I agree its not ok for a man regardless of height and./or weight and he must give all
    women a chance because if he doesn't like you said he's a jerk, But if it were a woman
    regardless of her height and/or weight if she doesn't want to date a overweight guy she
    doesn't have to and no one bashes any eyelash, But yet guys are suppose to give fat women chances. Look at Honey Boo Boo mother, we all know if she was a man no woman would date him.

  • That would make sense.

  • Yes I have noticed that. I get treated like a dirt for not going out with women that weigh more than me even though I have more muscle and am taller than they are. I don't mind bigger girls but I do have my limits and just for having some standards as a heavier man I get treated like a hypocrite. When in truth the hypocrites are the women that only want guys that weigh less than them.

  • So what you want to say?

    I'm skinny many girls many girls reject me because I'm skinny but if you're skinny you automatically have disease blah blah. I just have fast metabolism, really fast.

    • Wth are you saying?

    • Many people hate skinny people, just because they think they are sick or something. I get comments like oh look at you how skinny your are, do you have anorexia etc... But I can eat easily 9 eggs / a day.

      For example : Brendan he was really skinny about 57kg. But he's eating a lot...

    • Sorry about your situation but what does that have to do with my post?