How do I deal with this?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years now. He is 28 and I'm 24. He moved to georgia for a better job offer from pa. I plan on moving down with him in decembwr shortly after I get my license. Anyhow his mom is overbearing with my boyfriend. My boyfriend was in town visiting and we were at his grandparents shore house with his mom and his moms side of the family. Somehow we all got on the topic of hitting the lottery and my bfs mom was all I better be the first you call when you hit it. Like she honestly expected that he would tell her before me. I think it would effect me more because we are going to be starting our lives together so if he hits the lottery it will effect me more so I feel I have more of a right to know first kwim. And she said it purposely right in front of me to get a reaction. Trust me if u k ow her you know that's true. Also she said you better give some of the money to your two brothers and me first and my boyfriend was like umm no its not up to u to tell me what to do with my winnings I'm 28 years old. What makes you think that you guys should get it before danielle which is me. She is just very overbearing and how do I deal with it before I say something and snap?


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  • Saying something and snapping may be what's needed

    • Haha very true. I guess I just feel like she expects too much from him at 28 he isn't 8 anymore. She needs to cut the apron strings. She honestly always expects my boyfriend to put her above me.

    • She needs to respect boundaries. But first you and he needs to set them and then be firm with them. My mother was always telling me how to live my life and finally I told her if she didn't stop lecturing me on certain subjects I wasn't going to talk to her anymore. Its taken me walking out a few times, me hanging up a few times, and me telling her to leave my house a few times but she's finally understanding I'm not putting up with it

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