Girls, does she sound interested in me?

I don't do this often mostly because I don't do relationships or anything like that until I met her I know sound dumb and this looks creepy but I can't ask friend's for advice they'll laugh at me and think I'm scared to talk to girls but I can't read this girl and i just want to know if she does find interest in me. (From messages between me and her)

nop, I'm going to a graduation party

Sound's fun lol who's party is it?

Have you ever been to (A shop)


whats (shop)?


I don't think I know her

It's a local coffee shop it's really cool I got to take you

yeah! coffe

why we never talked in class? really lol

well see yaa! I'm going to the party

That's because you look serious all the time lol but no joke I'm taking you it's awesome there thanks, well see ya -it's not a lot to work on but any advice could help-


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  • Make a date with solid time to go check out that coffee place


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  • She does seem slightly interested from what you're saying, who knows, she could be more interested than we know!

  • She's definitely going with the flow. I don't know if she's interested in you. I do know she's mighr be interested in that coffe. I need more info of your relationship with her.

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