Girls, going on a date for the first time! Help?

So I set some things in motion that got me to land a date with this girl whom i have been talking to for the past few days now. But my problem is that I have never really taken anyone out on a legit date before. So, my theory is to pick her up at her house. As soon as she gets in the car, give her a small set of flowers. Have brunch/lunch/dinner, and walk in the park for a hour or so, then take her home. That's all I have from the moment i see her up until this point. How would I end the night? kiss? cuddle? hug? Definitely not sex, but I don't know. Suggestions ladies on what you would want to happen on your first date, and things you would be comfortable with?


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  • depend the personality of the girl of the guy takes me on our first date he picks me up give me flowers and pay I would defiantly feel overwhelmed and won't want to see him again. keep it light ! Go to a casual place maybe dont include the flowers this time. You can pay for the day unless she opposes too much to it. Make jokes dont be scared of making fun of you tell her you liker her dress or her eyes if she lets you kiss her ir hold her hand.


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  • Sounds good. Just a hug, most likely.

    • So the date happened, and I gave her a hug to cap the night. I was friend zoned the next day.

    • So sorry to hear that. Probably for the best, though.
      A) it had nothing to do with the hug (and anything more than that would have made it even more awkward the next day when she friendzoned you)
      B) it did have something to do with the hug (and she's in my opinion shallow for being easily swayed by the amount of physical affection).
      Keep looking!

  • Give her a hug. Don't assume she wants a kiss at the end of the first date

  • Just go with the flow. Your plan seems great. at the end just give her a hug maybe a kiss on the cheek and secure a second date

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