Girls, What is wrong with her... It pisses off me a lot?

So I was travelling on this flight. I met this girl who sat next to me, who was ' Hot ".
She started to talk to me and was having a normal conversation. All of a sudden, she started to talk about how some guys were hitting on her and she wasn't attracted to them. Then she showed some pics of some guys she was dating and saying how they looked good.
It pissed me off big time , since she didn't have to show -off. I told her " Nice talking to you... gotta listen to some music". She then asked me if I was being annoyed by her. I replied, " Not at all" and she started to talk again on more general stuff.
When we arrived at the destination, she offered me a dinner with her at a cafe situated close to the airport. I went with her and when we sat , she started to talk again about other guys , and also phoned a guy she was dating.
I got seriously angry and frustrated that I left the place without saying bye, but she was calling me to come back.

What is her f***Ing problem... If she doesn't like me, why the hell does she have to talk about other guys hitting on her or the guy she dates or likes...


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  • Some girls are just very talkative... and self-centered... She sounds like a big attention whore. If something like this happens again, just tell her yes, she is annoying you. Or at least let her know you'd rather talk about something else. When something someone's doing is bothering you, if you don't show that you're annoyed and want it to stop, they're going to keep doing it because from their perspective, everything's fine.

    • Thanks:) But I hinted that I want to stop conversation... So why did she keep on getting back at me?

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    • - Super bored or lonely
      - Attempting to flirt
      - Very chatty personality
      - Bad at social situations
      Take your pick.

    • I would pick anyone of them except 'attempting to flirt' .

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  • She likely was just trying to stroke her own ego; believe it or not, us ladies can be egotistical too. Some women treat the guys who hit on her or want her as badges of approval, and will flaunt it so to remind you: Hey, I'm hot, you have to try hard to get me.

    I don't do this because this shit IS annoying and IS very, very disrespectful.

    • Thanks :) but i never hit on her. She started rattling her mouth like an express train ;)

  • I wanted to say she was showing until I read the last part.

    I have no idea why she would start calling the guys.

    I am glad you walked away without saying bye, though it may sound harsh.

    • Thanks:) That b**ch deserved it... f**k her and her boyfriends :(

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    • OK go ahead :p

    • If you say so :p

  • she probably thought YOU were hot

    • Thanks:) But she really upset me and annoyed me... I f***ing hate her :(

    • Thanks:) But she really upset me and annoyed me.. I f***ing hate her :(

  • Would you consider yourself "hot" or attractive?

    • Thanks:) I don't know if I am " Hot" .. Lol... But people say I am good-looking.. that's about it ;)

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    • B*tches Beware ;)

    • Way to go , Gorgeous Lioness ;)

  • Maybe she's self centered and need someone to have lunch with? I only know one person in real life who would do stuff like this lol. That's how I know

    • Thanks :) HAHA... that one person you know is someone you should have never known or met :p

    • Oh, she actually entertaining to watch lol, because she’s so into herself. It's a long story. We have no issues and have known eachother for years. I just don't like to be around her. Unnecessary drama.

    • exactly... I felt like this girl drained out all my positive energy... I had a massive head-ache... Lol

  • wow thats unreal. i can't imagine a rash person talking tat way.. maybe on tv but thats it. nuts. id have stopped talking to her and kept it that way, so dont worry about it. obnoxious.

    • Thanks:) You might think that way... But I have noticed a lot of girls nowadays see a quiet guy, they act smart and so good... I will f***ing blow off those girls heads... Teach those b****es never to mess with calm - quiet guys ;)

  • she thought you were gay

    • Thanks :) Why would she think I am gay? I am not girlish or act like one.. Lol

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    • don't think too much about it. it's not like you're going to see her again

    • I like your positive advice ;) But why would you personally do it?

  • Any of those answers could be it. Good thing you left.

  • She talked to you like you were one of the girls.

    • Thanks:) Why the f**k would she do it? I don't have a big fat sign saying " I am a woman" :(

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    • I really don't understand women like that. I might talk to a guy that I'm sitting next to on a plane but, I wouldn't say let's grab something to eat unless I was interested.

    • so why is she giving mixed signals?