Guys, he kissed me on most recent date (last week), but now doesn't follow through with plans we made for later and I'm the only one reaching out?

And he proposed we remake plans for a date he cancelled on the following day, and I never heard back when I told him to let me know when he wanted to reschedule… But he still did respond when I texted him today conversationally, a few days after him not remaking plans for the date, but it was just a short conversation ended by him not responding… yet he still does sound interested in texts.


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  • He probably only wanted to get laid and would have moved on anyway. When a man is attracted to a specific woman he chases her to the gates of hell if necessary

    • the only confusing part is he was recently divorced (around a year ago) which is what I think plays into this… But I'm not discrediting your thoughts, because divorced or not, if you meet the right person, then you will do whatever it takes to keep them around. But I think that he is also battling and dealing with a bunch of things internally, especially since he didn't initiate anything until the end of the date and we had watched a movie prior on a small bed and he didn't even try to pull a move! Like only our elbows and knees touched…it was kind of sad yet funny.

    • Red Flag recently divorced , girl your too young to be going after a guy that just left a huge commitment. He could just not care that much and I'm not coming off mean he probably enjoyed kissing you but isn't looking to get attached.

    • well said, that was enough to get me moving on and forward! Thank you for that

  • Plan something one more time with him and if he bails then move on

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