Why is he acting this way?

So recently my boyfriend has been acting different than normal. For starters he doesn't come around as much as he used to. He used to come over about every day or so, but now its maybe once every 4 or so days. I know he's not that busy of a person either. When we aren't like together in person, we rarely talk, but when he's over, he's super cuddly and affectionate towards me. Yesterday he was over for awhile and was super cuddly, and said that if we were together for a long time he'd be making me ride motorcycles with him. Than today he was very quiet and left earlier than I had expected. He told me he has 6 months to decide if he wants to go active duty, and that if we don't work for whatever reason in that 6 months he will go active duty. My deal breaker in the relationship is him going active duty, because its just not something I want in life. He didn't walk around with me in the store when we went their, and pretty much ditched me while I looked at makeup real quick. We went out to eat and he barely spoke to me. I asked if he was mad or upset with me, but he said he isn't. I just don't know what to think or say, he also sits on his phoen around me when he gets bored with me. I love him a lot, don't get me wrong, he's just one of those guys who never explains things.


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  • My boyfriend doesn't always explain stuff to me either, I think it might just be a guy thing. However if it were me, and I was your friend shopping with you or whatever and you looked at make up, no offense or anything, but I'd ditch you too, no matter how close of a friend you might be hypothetically. I'm gonna be smart arse for a second and say, did your boyfriend really sit on his phone? I mean, wouldn't he be too heavy for it? XD I'm kidding, I know exactly what you're saying here. If it weren't the aspect of your boyfriend needing a job or whatever and just not seeing you, then he could be losing interest in you or found a better deal, in your case, I would say not the case here. It seems to me that your boyfriend is preoccupied with thinking about the going active for job or whatever you're getting at, I think that perhaps, he does still love you if he said you didn't do anything wrong or what have you, and you'd be on the safe spot. I think perhaps if you let him have some space to think a while about things he may be able to think things through himself and come to a decision as his girlfriend, if you yourself truly do love him as you say, then you should support whatever decision he comes to in the end, because even though with my boyfriend I am extremely inexperienced, I do however believe that relationships work best with a little give and take, you give some to the relationship, he gives some to the relationship, you take to the relationship, he takes some to the relationship. A relationship won't work, not to say there's anything wrong with yours, I'm just saying in general here, that a relationship won't work out no matter how hard you or he tries if you put or he puts out all the time. I wish you the best of luck in you scenario, and that you two figure things out and stay together :) God bless you and may you and your boyfriend have a marvellous week, may God light your path and may God be with you. If you're atheist or pastafarian, then I say to you to believe and hope and trust in whatever you trust and believe in with all your might, that all be well with you, your boyfriend, your relationship and your life. May the force be with you sweetie :)