Hmm why would she be not ready for exclusive relationship?

We've been seeing each other for a month now. She told me there are no points in seeing other guys anymore and I'm the perfect guy for her. And this was after she gave me her very first BJ. It means nothing to most people but it meant a lot for her. I know all of her previous relationships were shitty because she rushed into relationships and found out she didn't like them. Can this be the reason why?


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  • So she thinks you're the "perfect guy for her" but doesn't want to be exclusive? Does that sound good to you?

    Either she's taking things slow because of how her other relationships turned out OR she wants to be able to sleep around without having to worry about cheating.

    • She did openly talked about seeing other guys. She can see other guys and have fun but she sees no point in doing so because she knows it's leading to nowhere.

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    • Since when have I mentioned her about fucking other guys? Seeing and fucking are completely different words. Besides she's a virgin. How do I know? I know her friends well.
      She told me she doesn't want to meet or date other people since it will lead to nowhere and that none of them are and ever will be better than me. What does this tell you?

    • Don't get passive aggressive with people, it's not a great trait to have.

      You never mentioned she was a "virgin", I assumed she wasn't because most people our age aren't anymore.

      They're not as different as one would believe. If I'm "seeing" a girl, I'm usually fucking her too because I'm romantically and physically interested in her. Who knows what she's doing with the other men she's "seeing", but I'm ready to bet they're not watching Frozen together.

      Bottom line is what she said to you (i. e "You're the perfect guy for her") isn't congruent with what she wants..

      She's not ready to settle down and probably has other guys on the side.

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  • Baggage, trust issues, insecurities


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  • Yeah she might not be ready to fully commit to a relationship just yet because of a fear she has from her past experiences.