How can I tell if he is being serious?

I've had a internet relationship fro 2 months now with a guy who lives across the country. He told me today he is taking a month vacation from work and wants to come spend it with me. How can I tell if he is being serious or if he is just playing with my feelings?


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  • Are you gonna meet him? Its the only way to find out if this internet liaison isn't a scam or not.

    • I really want to I'm kinda of svared

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    • I'm not your online lover. So I wouldn't know.

    • Lol thanks for answering

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  • I dont know but if you do meet, bring "To Catch a Predator" host Chris Hanssen (i think i spelled that right) just incase

    • Why would I do that lol we're both of age acually I'm older than him by six years

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    • Aww it's okay I know about online lies but he seems very honest I even talk to his mom on the phone a few times a week

    • Ok well im sure its all good but you never know until you meet

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