Guys, guys whats up with this?

ok, so i am just going on casural dates nothing serious with people. I wouldn't call this guy a ex but we did try seeing each other exclusive for a week, i left cause he couldnt get the hint i wasn't ready for a serious relationship that was long term.
After roughly 5 months we start to talk again, he gets annoyed when other men flirt or ask me on a date, he asks about being exlusive again. I told him no i wasn't ready for a commitment, then he asked for friends with benifets ( I smacked him hard for that) i told him i felt really insulted he would ever think i would be that easy. He tries to talk about how he missed me and wondered what happened in the past but i didn't let that fool me. Now a day after of seeing him i apprently over messaged him ( 2 messages) and he flipped out with out even telling me when he worked or was in bed so i had no idea, it felt like he expected me to mind read. He then told me thats he's "beyond pissed off" and expects me to wait for him to call me with out me making a damn peep.

So a week goes by and i see some fat bitch on the screen with him and another guy. AM I a back up plan? Or is he into me and he thinks trying to make me jelious would work for me to cave into seeing him again? I feel like im getting mixed signs and i dont know how to react please help.


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  • You're sending this guy mixed signals, you don't want anything serious and yet when you see him with another woman you are upset? You slapped the guy what do you expect, if you don't want something long term but he does let it go he may have find someone interested in what he wants.

  • First of all, check your profile gender. You're showing up as blue, which means male.

    Secondly, you smacked a man. He's better off without you. Leave him alone.