Do I make myself too avaliable?

I'm not one to play games. If I'm asked to go on a date and granted I like the person and I'm avaliable, I will say yes. Lately this guy will ask me out last minute from time to time and we go on spontaneous dates. I happen to be avaliable most of the time and its getting to the point where I don't want him to expect me to be free. I've never and will never drop my plans for any man.

I am still a bit annoyed with him, it was my birthday last week and he didn't seem to care much. I'll admit that I have no clue if he got the impression my birthday isn't a big deal, but it still would of been nice of him to make a little effort.

Anyway do I make myself too avaliable? Should I. take a step back?


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  • Maybe the next time just say you have other plans? He needs to know that you're not always going to be free, but don't be too harsh, guys have feelings too haha

    • Lol thanks, yes I'm going to start to do this every so often

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