How to stop being so insecure about my dating life and expecting it to fail all the time?

So whenever i get to know a guy i go so easly from very confident to very insecure..

I went on a date with this guy on staurday and i had a great time, and i think he had too.. He messaged me twice on Sunday and i messaged him about 40 mins a go and he hasn't responded yet.. Im givng him the benefits of the doubt and guessing he's either working out, at work or doesn't have any wi-fi where he is... but i can't help but get a little bit inscure.

If im dating a guy or if a guy asks me on a date i know he's attracted to me so i never really worry the guy dumpig me for a attractive girl, but i do worry about him finding a girl thats more interesting then me.

Thats a insecurity of mine, sometimes or often, i feel like im not interesting enough and that i dont really have that much interesting to offer.

Im not taking it too personal, but i really liked him so if it doesn't work out, i won't cry or anything, but it would suck. And it never works out with guys normally, so i guess im subconsiously waiting for it to fail. and it doesn't help that i got my mother on my back with guys all the time, reminding me about the guys that didn't want to be my boyfriend... or keep asking me about this guy

Any advice to stop being suck a insecure little girl? I know im better then this.. but yeah


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  • Hello,

    I took a girl on a date once and she was a 24hr fitness trainer, she's in great shape and attractive however on the date, she did well at conversation but i noticed she did lack confidence. What i guessed was she was un-attractive in high school and could never shake that side of her into her late 20's. In the end, she's a very nice girl however i don't like leading someone on and decided to cut ties after our 2nd date after confirming my concerns from the first date.

    As much as i hate to admit it (and other guys have confirmed), we like sassy and confident girls. Something about it makes us want to keep trying and conquer. Now we don't like bitchy / cunty... The difference stems from being confident with your ideas, shortcomings and principles (i'm sure you can relate as women want the same confidence in men).

    If you go into a date owning it, with the attitude that this is his chance to lose and not yours, it's a good start.

    However.. "i feel like im not interesting enough and that i dont really have that much interesting to offer."

    This is concerning, why do you not feel interesting? The only way to get more interesting is to keep adding more experiences! So go join something you're interested in doing and keep at it, it'll build characters and a new interest!

    • I was very confident on the date, I always am on the first date, I even went for a kiss... but its when I dont get the responses im used to after I date I get insecure... And im trying New things, so far no luck

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    • can i ask you a question about him?

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  • Well, just be yourself and he'll definitely like you for for who you are :)

    • I am being myself all the time.. but the thing im insecure about is that he won't find me interesting and for me thats worse then him not liking me for my looks... at the end of the day if he likes me, that would be great, if he doesn't, thats his loss... but yeah...

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    • He's probably going through a lot right now. There might be a lot of stress or he might just be too busy lately. I don't think it means anything, so don't worry about it too much.

    • You can pm me if you wanna talk about it with me.

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  • There is no way to help you feel more secure about yourself. This is something you have to figure out on your own. There are no "how to" that can help you out.

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