How to work out what a guy wants?

There's been the same guy I've liked for the best part of a year now, on many nights out we would get drunk and hook up. When drunk we'd confess we liked each other but going on a date was never a thing for a good while. We then went on a date once a month, for three months, but spoken all the time, this was a slow progress but what I thought was better than nothing. We now have been been going on a date every week for the past few weeks (even better progress!). We would still see each other out and hook up, but nothing has ever been labelled. My friends are always asking and I don't want to put pressure on him, that it may scare him away. When he is sober he can be difficult to read, he rarely compliments me (without sounding high maintenance) but it's more he'll "joke" about how he wouldn't miss me and I can't tell if that is serious or not, but when he has been drinking he will tell me he loves me. I have tried asking him when we both have had a drink where we stand, but there is never a real outcome!

It has been such an on going thing that I don't know how I would just give it all up, but is that best?

What does this guy want?

(I haven't had sex with him, so I can rule out him using me for that.)


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  • Drinking talk is unreliable, not saying his isn't into u, but people say shit when ur drunk

  • Use your noodle.


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