I feel like I'm cheating on him we're not even dating?

Recently I've been in contact with a guy who I used to be friendly and flirty with last year.. We lost contact for a while. I know he's moving next September so I decided to message him and say hey:) he's really sweet and we've arranged to meet up in summer and have some fun maybe go on a walk and do some shopping just the two of us. I'm really excited because he's super nice and I haven't spoken to him in ages! I don't know where I want this to go but I just want to go with the flow. Sound perfect?
yeah it did to me and it still does but deep down I feel confused. This is weird but I feel like I'll be cheating on my best friend (who's also a guy). I'm so close with him and honestly I wish he'd just ask me out already I love him. But I'm tired of waiting I want to have fun (it's not like it's a date or anything?) but I'm scared because am I leading on this other guy when deep down I know my best guy friend is the only one who will make me truly happy?
what should I do?
we're 16 years old please answer thank you!
Roma xo :)



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  • You're not cheating on him. Don't worry about that.