In your opinion which of these are reasons to be mad and which are not?

Please give either a Mad, Not-Mad, or funny reply to the following.

1. Bf/Gf farts while watching a movie together and it stinks.
2. Bf/Gf farts under the bed covers and it stinks.
3. Bf/Gf farts in the car, it stinks and they lock the windows
4. Bf/Gf farts loudly in public places and it stinks.
5. Bf/Gf farts loudly in pulic places and blames it on you.
6. Bf/Gf farts during sex.
7. Bf/Gf picks their nose. Is there a difference for you between doing it at home and in public?
8. Bf/Gf does nothing all day and sits around at home on the sofa.
9. Bf/Gf talks talks to another guy/girl.
10. Bf/Gf gives another guy/girl a friendly hellow hug.
11. Bf/Gf forgets your birthday/anaverisery.
12. Bf/Gf never texts you.
13. Bf/Gf has lots of female/male friends.
14. Bf/Gf does not buy you a present that is expensive enough.


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  • 1,2,3 = sure i'd b mad
    4 = maybe i'd laugh
    5 = that's da worst above all
    6 = i'd pardon her
    7 = normal
    8-11 = eh np wid me
    12 = i'd ask her y?
    13 = it's fine
    14 = presents don;t mean much 2 me