Not counting online dating, when do you let a guy pick you up for a date instead of meeting him somewhere?

Does it mean much when a woman gives her your address when you ask to pick her up for your first date? Obviously you wouldn't do this with someone you just met online, but online dating aside, when do you feel comfortable letting a guy pick you up for a date?

On the first date only if your interest level is very high? As long as you don't think he's an axe murderer? On the second date if the first went well?

Obviously her interest level can change based upon how well the date does or does not go, but does it mean her interest level is pretty high if she's willing to give me her address before the first date? Should be prepared to make the date a little more romantic and intimate than I might do for an average first date?

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  • I think it depends on the area/city you live in, but usually if you guys haven't really known each other for too long, the girl prefers to meet up first. So if she doesn't like the vibes she gets from you, she isn't relying on you for a rode home and you can't stalk her house


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  • Dosent mean much to me, I just think it's really nice of him to offer and depending on how much I trust him I'll take it.


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  • It means she is cool with u knowing where she lives. Especially when using dating sites, they tell u to meet up somewhere other than ur adress

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