Help with video chat?

I met this girl online and we have been talking for a month. Started online then talking on the phone. Recently we started doing FaceTime. On the phone the chemistry was flawless. It was the right mix of playful and serious conversation. However, on video, the chemistry wasn't as good (not horrible, but not as good). We got mostly serious. There was no playful banter really. How do I replicate the chemistry we had on the phone? At first I thought she was nervous and I wasn't, but later I realized I might have been a little nervous myself.


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  • Don't worry about it. It is common, after all it's the first time you video-chatted together. Both of you will eventually start feeling more comfortable.

    • Thanks. Video chat seems so limiting for the first time you see someone face to face. I will bring my A-game next time though. :)

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  • maybe u can mention bout it, to her i guess... she won't have any problem i believe