I am so confused?

So now that I lost a lot of weight got fit and have gained my self confidence back and managed to keep my kind caring self *even through all the rejections and the humiliation I received from women when I was overweight * and not turn into a bitter salty person as many guys have after their big change, I am able to get women's numbers *not in a douchy way lol I'm a very outgoing person with a nice hint of a flirtatious personality * I don't get texts back from women, I ask them out to get to know each other better and they show clear signs of excitement and agreement so I don't know what am I doing wrong I've been called handsome, cute by many women after my change so I don't know if it's my "looks which can probably make women judge me and assume I'm an asshole" can I please get help I don't want to turn bitter because I know I am better than that


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  • Hmm well let's role play ;) Say I'm a girl you met... what would your text be?

    • Well I don't really use text to talk with them lol I'm the old fashioned I flirted with them in person had normal conversations and then asked for their numbers and say if they're interested in meeting up when they have time but my text that I send them was basically asking how they're doing and if they would like to go out but I don't get no messages back which I find very rude and odd at the same time "why do you act interested but not message back I do know the whole more women in the sea but it's been happening repeatedly"

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    • I've messaged her once and I don't know if I should its been 2 weeks and its too late already probably and I want to know what mistakes I should avoid

    • Well yeah maybe leave that alone until you see her again. But now you know to message the same day (wait at least a few hrs)

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