Is it a date or is it just not?

Please answer!
i asked my crush, who lives in America, if he would like to Watch a scary movie with me through Skype. And he agreed to it and said it sounds like fun. And he even suggested the movie. Could this be considered a first move? Or a date of what? I'm condused

  • It's is possibly a date, and a good first move.
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  • It's a good idea but falls short of calling it a date in my opinion. I think dates are in person together along with all the awkward moments like "do I put my arm around her or will she freak out" or at the end of the date the do I kiss her or not conundrum


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  • If you both considered it as a date then it was a date. If you didn't, then it was just something really nice to do.

  • Lol having to watch movies together over Skype is so pathetic.

    • Um excuse me, are you in love with someone who is at least 100 miles away from you? He lives in another country and its not my fault that ocean keeps us apart. Why don't you read the question as I already stated, he lived in AMERICA. Do you know how much courage I had to get to ask him to watch a movie with me through Skype? The only thing pathetic is how ignorant you sounded to me.

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    • Also I don't know how people can be in love when they haven't even been with each other in person, but whatevs.

    • It's okay, sorry if I sounded rude. And I didn't know it could happen either. But we always do what we said we would never do. and do thing we wouldn't think we would do I guess.

  • It is if you want a virtual relationship.


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