If all of your exes got together and formed a choir, and somehow tricked you into attending a *very* exclusive release party?

... for their first hit single "Maybe It's You', and after The ordeal you go outside you discover that the world had ended around you (pherhaps by atomic fire, radiation-spawned elephANTS, or maybe a good old-fashioned alien invasion... who knows?). Which of your former love-interests would you repopulate the planet with, and who spends the rest of post apocalyptia knackering himlher self in their mother's bombed-out basement?

  • Todd/Tina: he/she may pick his/her nose, and never discovered dodoramt, but s/he's resourceful and outdoorsey and would know how to survive the best...
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  • Dana/Dartanian: he/she is dumb as a brick, and crazy as an outhouse rat, but s/he's the most... *ahem* "sexually rambumctious" and would yield the best headstart in repopulating the earth..
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  • Gary/Gina: he/she may have devestating acne, and barely knows how to really even *talk* to the opposite sex, let alone how to make babies (well), but s/he would be able to figure out how to put stuff together and start making stuff again the quickedt...
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  • Seriously, you're making people uncomfortable with this crap. Get out...
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  • Other...
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  • I like having useful people around. Basically everyone picks their nose as well.


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  • Pffff if there's only the four of us left can we really afford to be that picky?


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  • All. Of. Them. -evil laugh-

  • First of all if my exes got together they would not trick me into anything because I would tell them I am not giving you anything, I am not going anywhere with you or for you, I am not doing anything with you or for you. I would also tell them to turn around and go back to where ever you came from. because all of you are in my past and that is where you will ever be. on top of that I could not see any of them getting together in the first place. How would one be able repopulate the earth. Nothing would be that much fun to do if at all.