Difference between JUST wanting to be friends and being friends first?

Is there a difference.

In this scenario, a guy I don't know too well found out I had a crush on him. His response to me was that he didn't want to rush into a relationship with someone he's not already friends with but he wouldn't mind being friends and stuff. If he was rejecting me, wouldn't he have said lets JUST be friends? I mean is there a difference between the fine line of the way he worded things here?


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  • From the sound of it, it seems he don't want to rush into a relationship with someone he barely knows. Apparently he wants to be friends with you first and see how that goes and if all goes well then he'll one day give the green light to upgrade the relationship to romantic.

    Being JUST friends sounds like something someone will say, when they have no interest of being romantic with someone else. It seems like being friends is the highest form of relationship that is possible, when worded that way.

    • So I mean does the fact that he gave the friends first vibe as opposed to the JUST friends wording mean he might consider me

    • Yes. If he told you "Lets JUST be Friends" then that is a nice way of rejecting someone. However he didn't say that. He essentially said "Lets be friends FIRST", which means he wants to see if you guys are compatible as friends first, and if you two are, then its off to girlfriend status for you.

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  • JUST wanting to be friends means you've been turned down.
    Being Friends First means there's some chance you can be more.
    Maybe he just wants to see how it goes as friends first, I guess it's the way you act towards each other. It's kinda different when you're with a friend than when you're with someone you want to be in a relationship with.