Have you ever resented your boyfriend that you actually loved?

For thinking he was mistreating you and using you taking advantage of you. Did u lose respect for him become bitchy.. distance yourself? Was it because you were hurt or because you just lost attraction.


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  • I don't have a boyfriend, so I will answer from my sister.

    Yes she did and she sometimes still does but a little.

    • What lol I don't know what parts to click into with that last sentence

    • Haha.

      She only feels that way when they get into big disputes.. And mostly because she wants him to be a lot more romantic (you know coming up with romantic ideas on his own )

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  • Yes, it was because I was hurt. When I'm hurt I put up a wall and become sort of numb, no matter how much the guy says sorry and tries to change. I warm up on my own time if even at all.

    • You sound like my ex on point.

  • Yes, because i was hurt. Later realized it was a communication issue. Men an women really do think differently.


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