Whats the best way to handle this guy?

I've been long distance dating a guy since Jan. I've made it to the States twice so far to see him, and he's due for his second visit to the UK to see me next week. However, a few days ago, i found on social media, another female from his city claiming to be with him - it isn't clear if they're actually together or dating. Although we're not official, the last visit he started talking about kids and calling himself my boyfriend, we were due to have the conversation about our status when he arrives next week. I've hung out with his friends and met his brother, we go out to eat, shopping etc so its not just sex. I've not said a word to him yet, thought its best to handle in person - any advice?


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  • Yeah - have the conversation online. Don't spend that money on such an expensive trip if all you're gonna do is fight and break up.

    • Well its him spending his money to come here so, i wouldn't be losing any money

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    • I honestly dont know why people like you make such irrelevant comments. Keep it moving.

    • Of course you don't know - you only think of yourself after all.

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  • I would definitely wait to confront him in person

  • If he's your boyfriend then everything's settled

    • Well he called himself my boyfriend in conversation, but we hadn't actually had the talk - which is what we were due for next week

    • ok then talk it out...

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  • Yeah, talk to him in person. Try and stay calm and rational and let him explain everything he needs to. If you have queries or questions ask them there and then. The truth is an easy thing to remember, lies need time to be made up.

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