Question about relationships and sex?

Do people both in real life and on here only talk about/ask about their stupid relationships and sex life to flaunt it and make people like me feel even worse? I hate them for it, it's not fair. Why do they want me to be miserable, huh? They try to get me angry and then blame me for hating them as much as I do. They don't even deserve happiness, you see, in my opinion, all the happy humans deserve misery and all the sad humans deserve happiness, that's how it should be, because, why do they deserve to be happy and I deserve to die? That's not fair, is it? So, yeah, are they just doing it to bother people like me even more and flaunt their undeserved happiness?


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  • Honestly you're just insecure and very unhappy with your life so you take it out on other people. Poeple ask questions either because they seriously want someone else's opinion/outlook or it's just plain curiosity and or stupidity. This website is anonymous, no one knows you so people feel more comfortable asking stupid immature questions. You just sound like a very angry person who wishes bad on all those who you think are happy and content, something you aren't. I don't doubt that there are some people out there who have said some hurtful things to you, but I bet that came after you said something that provoked them. And I say that based on the anger that is so apparent in your question. You're only 19 and very immature, I hope as you get older and find happiness, your outlook will change.


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  • Ehm No... you just get hurt without them wanting that

    They are just insecure about something, or have a problem in the relationship and they simply ask us for advice, is all
    It's not to make singles feel bad or something, it's because they are troubled with their relationship and need support

    • What about all those stupid questions about having sex in public like monkeys? That has nothing to do with insecurity. Hell, half the questions about sex don't seem to come from insecure people, just people asking purposefully stupid questions to flaunt the fact that they have sex.

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    • Then you still don't know how I feel, not really, you've been appreciated, even if it didn't work, I never was.

    • Oh I know what it's like
      It's not like I was born with a girlfriend. (a silly joke but felt like it).
      I rather want to be appreciated by my parents than by a partner right now

      You're only 19, you still have a lot of time to find the one, and when it happens you will be at a more mature level to make it work.
      I sure am going to wait for now

  • You have serious issues.

    • Congratulations, Captain Obvious, why don't you go win a Darwin Award or something?

    • Thanks. I'm working towards it, slowly but surely :)

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