Girls! Humble guys aren't boring!! They're mysterious?

A humble guy isn't going to toot his own horn all the time, I suppose this type of guy may come off as boring, but you have to put some time into this kind of guy and he will slowly reveal to you his secrets:) One or two dates isn't going to be enough. This kind of guy is the kind who you have to learn about and get to know little by little. Just thought i'd put that out there. No he may not come off as super confident and charm your pants off initially, but trust me we know what we're doing, just have a little faith.

Oh and if we find ourselves in a situation where we don't know what we're doing, we will let you know so we can have the experience of learning and figuring it out together:)


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  • Mysterious is just a nicer way saying you don't know anything about them and why would you want to be with someone you don't know?


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  • He may want to make the effort to show his personality more if he wants girls to like him

  • They're attractive sometimes


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