This girl wanted me to come with her to bar but I had to work , a couple weeks later I go and she doesn't even come?

i had seen her at this restaurant a couple weeks ago around 8 pm and she asked me if i was going out to this bar later and seemed to really want me to come out with her that night but it was a really bad night and i had to work early the next day so i couldn't go. i've talked to her a couple times since and other night i saw her at that restaurant again around same time and she said hi to me but she didn't go out to that bar and i went that night but she wasn't even there?
what gives did i allready miss my chance? did she think i didn't like her when i told her i could go that night? i don't get it , that was only a couple weeks ago she wanted us to hang out?


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  • Perhaps she was also busy too, did you ask her to go? If not- then it's a mystery! Ask her to join you again, only way to find out if you've missed your 'chance' but best of luck! Don't think too much about it!

    • she was out that night and dressed like she was going to bar , also a lot of the other girls she knew from that restaurant went out to party at that bar so there was a lot of people she'd know there. I'm not sure why she didn't come out , I never asked her if she was coming just assumed she'd be there then she wasn't

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