I wanna get my boyfriend a gift?

i want to get my boyfriend a gift that has a lot of meaning and that he would love he wants to be a navy seal so i was thinking of getting him a navy seal training camp for the summer but I don't know if he would like that he plays football and he loves watching. i was going to get him tickets for football game but I don't know and he loves video games. I want to get him something to thank him for everything he has done for me any options? do u think one of the things i listed above was a good idea?


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  • Buy him a book and inscribe it. He might end up keeping it forever. Plus it shows you know what he is into.

    • what do u mean by inscribe it

    • Write something in it on the title page... like "happy Birthday"... or maybe something more personal.

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  • buy him a blue seal stuffed animal! lol

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