Girls, Why did this girl I meet, say such a thing?

So I was with a friend of mine (Jason) at the park, just relaxing under the shade of a tree from the scorching sun.
This girl and guy (young teens) approached us and said , " Hi". The girl was staring at me with a smile and then talked to the guy she was with.
She asked the guy she was with, " Do you want to date him" and pointed to me. Then the guy laughed it off and I laughed with them. But the girl was smiling at me again and staring.
After chatting for a while they left. I was wondering why she acted in such a way. I am not funny looking or weird...


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  • She was making fun of you because she's a bitch

    • Thanks:) Why did she have to make fun of me... I am a Random guy and not funny looking..

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  • She probably thought you might be interested in guys from your appearance. Since she was asking her male friend if he would be interested in you.

    • haha... I am not interested in guys, neither was that dude !!

    • If not that then perhaps she was teasing her guy friend.

  • she was fooling around nothing else

    • Thanks :) Like I didn't do anything or act funny... So what was her reason you reckon?

    • if that would have been me so i guess i just came around to say hi, as u r a stranger and talk to u for a little while, act crazy, weird the second person out and leave

    • haha :p

  • Her friend probably said something to her that he liked you or something

    • Thanks :) He didn't look gay or act gay.. so I don't understand?