Normal not to be excited for first date?

Sat night he texted to ask me out after a party.

Couldn't sleep all night, emailing all my friends who knew I liked him. Thought I'd be super nervous on the date.

I don't date very much if at all.

But now, Tuesday, I'm not excited about it or worried about being nervous.

Known him a few months, liked him in last couple weeks.

Is this normal?

I think in the end, the connection/chemistry/attraction wasn't strong enough such that there was very little at the 'date'. We only had flirting chemistry that didn't translate to anything more real.


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  • That happened to me two weeks ago in the same scenario. I went anyway and as soon as I saw him I got nervous. Lol. I don't know if it's normal but it turned out so much fun.

    • Cool, not just me. yeah I think when I see him the chemistry will kick in :) when I think about it, it was like that at the party.

    • It's was like a weird calm before an unexpected storm. I've known this guy forever. I think it's weird because I'm kind of the same way now. Everytime I see him

      it's butterflies.. :)

    • "It's was like a weird calm before an unexpected storm". I've known this guy forever.

      ->that's so cool that's the same for me. I think it's because we're kinda friends, I can feel calm about it, after the initial 'he likes me too!'. plus we're both had long term things where it was almost marriage so we're just kinda grounded about the fact that there is chemistry/attraction and we're just gonna see, no biggie (hopefully)

      Thanks again :) :)

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