This happened during our first date What does this mean from him?

I met this guy almost 3 mos ago, back then we seem to hit it off during the 3 days that we met, even if in those 3 days we did not see often or all the day just a couple of hours, that is because we met each other during a family trip that I went and I ran into him, beause he is a friend of my cousin. Our first lets say official first get together by the two of us took place only 3 weeks ago before that we only communicate by text once in a while not even very often or even everyday, I don’t want to come too desperate to him and he may not like it, me to look desperate for him, so Im taking it slow and try to be patient with him. During the first date I had a good time and I let him know that, even if he did not tell me if he had a good time or not, but I think if I wanted him to get my interest Im the one who had to tell him that I had a good time on the date. The thing is during the date (it was only dinner), he complimented on my looks and told me he liked the way I was dressed, he kind of like my style, he liked to talk about himself for a while, all male do that and I just listen to him. Almost at the end of the date he started to act like he wanted to go a bit further with me than just the talk we been doing since he picked me up. So we were talking and at some particular moment, he grab me from by back and hug me tight placing his hands underneath my shirt to hold my waist, then he started to kiss part of my cheek, then the cheek then the mouth once in the mouth we start to make out very passionately for like 2 minutes non-stop. At some moments he stop to pull my hair from my ear to kiss my neck when he did that I place my face on his neck so he can hug me. At other moment while we were in that position we were about that he had some weeks ago some lower back pain when he was training so I told him sometimes massages are good to relieve the pain and I massage his back from underneath his shirt and he said go on that feels good on my back, keep massaging me.

After that date we keep texting each other again not so often, but we had been saying to arrange another get together and he kind of agree on it. This time it is my treat cause the first time he invited me even at the beginning he was a bit hesitant to pay for both of us but at the end he paid for both. So we haven’t decided yet when it will be the second get together for that we will talk about it as the weeks goes by, but I was thinking maybe I will treat him for his upcoming bday... cont.
which is this month and he even told me in our texts that if it be for his bday I will have to invite him, which I believe is fair.
Is this guy playing with me, teasing me or he really wants to get to know me better and he is into me? We are not perfect we have our flaws from what I had known of him so far, he sometimes behaves odd but maybe that is his personality since always.


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  • he likes you.

    • We are both single both had never been married before (he has had 2 past relationships but Im new to this entire guy/girl thing) and neither one had kids, he is 41 Im 44. At this moment I had not tell him like in his face I like him (I don’t know if it is too soon for that if we just met 3 mos ago and we had gone out only once) because so far I don’t know what he thinks about me.

    • I mean when I said he has odd behavior is because sometimes he says things or have a point of view different than mine in certain things that other people may say to me: "Ohh that guy is not worth your time, move on:

    • I hope he likes me cause I do like him