I miss him. How do I stop?

This guy. We both 15. I haven't seen him in 9 months. But there hasn't been a day I haven't thought about him.

So 9 months ago we had a thing. We hooked up and did shit (no sex) for about 2 months. We'd always meet up with his friends and mine and we all had a thing for one of those guys. Until one night our parents caught us drunk with them and we got grounded for 2 months. My friends mom phoned the one guys dad and by the looks of things they got upset with us. (I wouldve as well) there have been occasions when my friends have seen them and it was all awkward but a week ago two of my friends snuck out and saw them and they said they had the best nights with us and should do it again. And we haven't planned anything yet but I definitely will.

But until then and the point of this long story is I cannot stop thinking about him how can I stop. He is so different from the other guys and they have told me he usually never kisses any girl. By choice not because he can't get any. And he way he looked at me felt more than just a hook up. Help if can? And please. If you gonna hate rather say nothing.

**These guys are jollers and smoke and shit but don't get me wrong they good guys and I know that so I don't need opinions on that**


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  • distract yourself.