Guy moving too slow, or am I just inpatient?

Been talking to this guy online little over a week. First time he messaged me he gave me his # right away and told me to call. I did, and we chatted over an hour. He mentioned us getting together soon but no plan yet. After that we sporadically texted. I figure he probably wasn't into endless text convos and so I texted him and said to call. He called next day and we chatted 45 min. He didn't make a plan to meet. I don't want to pressure him, and I know he mentioned getting to know me, but shouldn't you want to meet sooner rather than later? Or is it possible there is another reason he could be moving so slow? I have to decide if I'm going to continue this and see where it goes or take a few steps back. I'm used to men being more direct and not being so lax. I'm a city girl. He lives an hour away but originally from the south... I'm not going to bring up meeting again. I did what I could now it's up to him.


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  • He's probably moving too slow.

    • I stopped talking to him. He didn't follow up on initiating a meeting so waste of my time.

    • You made the right choice.

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