Contacting a possible love from years earlier?

I have been thinking about reaching out to a guy I really liked (possibly loved) from about a half a decade ago during a study abroad trip. I think we genuinely had a special connection. However, we parted ways once the trip ended and our communication eventually faded (although we've messaged each other very shortly on holidays here and there). I've dated plenty of other guys since then, but the guys have never measured up to how I felt with him.

Guys, would you find receiving a message from a girl you dated years earlier to be strange? Or would you be flattered?
Would it creep you out to hear her feelings for you out of nowhere?

Any suggestions on how to approach this?


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  • Sometimes a joined experience draws people together and makes them bond. However, once the circumstances have changed, those people won't have much in common. Sure, you can try and stay friends, however being in a relationship demands much more. I personally wouldn't do this because you have evolved and changed throughout the years and he has done the same. You'd probably have to get to know him again because he is not the person from five years ago and given your age range, you were only a teenager back then! If you are desperate enough do it...


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  • I wouldn't say my feelings, but I'd reach out and be friendly/cheeky, the perfect combination of push and pull.

    I don't think it's weird to reach out at all. I've had men do this to me after they "hated me and never EVER wanted to see me again"

  • i'm curious about this myself.